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Medium voltage variable frequency drives, medium voltage soft starters, dry-type transformers, dry-type reactors

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About Company

Advanced Electric Systems LLC present products which manufactured by owned brand. We are a manufacturer our customers may purchase equipment on producer prices without additional fees. The main activities are concentrated in the supply of consumers of dry transformers 6 kV, 10 kV power from 63 kVA to 4000 kVA, dry multiwinding specialized transformers 6 kV, 10 kV for the construction of medium voltage multilevel frequency inverters with rate power from 350 kVA to 8000 kVA and dry type reactors for various purposes. 110kV oil-immersed transformers, 220 kV 31500 kVA to 420,000 kVA. Low-voltage variable frequency drive (VFD) with rate voltage 220 V, 230 V, 380 V, 400 V, 440 V for AC motor with power up to 630 kW. Medium Voltage soft starters for asynchronous motors. Medium voltage multilevel inverters (medium voltage VFD) with rate voltage 3kV, 3.3 kV, 6kV, 6.6 kV, 10kV for asychronous and synchronous Motor with rate power from 250 kW to 8000 kW. We provide technical support and participate in projects of our clients. Working with our company you will get the expected result from the introduction of modern electrical equipment, its integration into the workflow of your enterprise. For more information on how to make your technology more save energy and save resource efficient, please contact our company and we will offer you a solution within the budget of your project and set your goals.

Company news

Multilevel high voltage frequency inverter for the needs of municipal services in Mariupol

Posted 10/03/2015

Advanced Electric Systems LLC make commissioning work for a partner's company needs. Our company installed multilevel MV frequency inverter 630 kW, 6 kV for sewage pumping station of Mariupol City. Frequency inverter was installed in 40-foot container with cooling systems, 6 kV switchboards, process control system.

Dry-type transformer Ukrainian production supplied to drilling company in West Siberia

Posted 09/12/2013

Advanced Electric Systems in conjuction with Russian partner company Atlantis has delivered four dry transformers Ukrainian production type TSZ-500/U3 0.66 and TSZ-800/6.3-UHL1 for the needs of the drilling company in Western Siberia. Transformers successfully installed and commissioned in conjuction with the previously operated inverters mud pumps.

High-voltage multilevel inverter 5000 kW, 6 kW delivered to the needs of the Ukrainian energy

Posted 01/03/2013

Advanced Electric Systems with partners undertook in 2012 the supply of multi-level high-voltage frequency inverter 5000 kW, 6 kW series PCHVA for the task of frequency control of feed pump for Ukrainian energy needs.



Medium voltage variable frequency drive PCHVA series at a customer.

Equipment for the needs of drilling companies in Russia

Posted 03/27/2011

      Advanced Electric Systems participates in the competition of the supply electrical equipment for drilling companies. The complex consists of specialized motor mud pump rated power of 1000 kW and the operating voltage of 690 V, the inverter and dry transformer capacity 1250 kVA, voltage of 6 kV / 0,69 kV. Increase in oil production and exploration in Russia stimulates market development drilling equipment and associated electrical equipment.

Multi-level inverter will be delivered to Ukraine

Posted 03/27/2011

     Advanced Electric Systems, together with Chinese partners will supply to Ukraine medium voltage multi-level inverter 1600 kW and the operating voltage of 6 kV. Frequency inverter will  supplied to one of the famous electrical companies. Receipt and shipment of the drive is scheduled for the second half of April 2011. Advanced Electric Systems plans to expand its presence in the medium voltage frequency inverters in Eastern Europe, mainly due to the needs of energy companies.